Hiroshima Castle

We spent Memorial Day Waking up late and discussing the meaning and somber reason for Memorial Day. After a late breakfast we loaded up and headdd to Hiroshima to visit the Hiroshima Castle. 

M really amazed me when she asked to listen to the first recording twice and was very still and paying attention to the screen. There was only two sets of headphones with English translation so I don’t actually know what was said. On the second floor there was an interactive screen and she knew the answer to the first question without hesitation. When I asked her how she knew that she very matter of fact told me “Well I just listened to the headphones.” Oh M I love you and your seriousness about your answers when you are focused.

We climbed all the way to the roof, five floors, doesn’t seem like much but these were very steep stairs and I had the hiking backpack with a J on. My calves are screaming today!

The entrance to the castle grounds has a big building in it that has some history or at least I’m assuming that’s what it is, no English translation was available. The very last room had a large taiko drum that was available to play.


The girls day was made. M was not to sure about the security guard helping her but she said that it was fun after the fact. 

We did a lot of exploring and had a good time. This was a pretty cheap day that really only consisted of parking for 1600 yen and admission for me of 370 yen.

You can see Z in the bottom picture with her kindle taking pictures. She has asked for a camera for her birthday. We think it will be a great gift since she has sleep away camp this summer. If anyone had suggestions for a basic digital camera that is pretty durable let me know.

We had a great day of local history and ended our day with some great ice cream.

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