General Longstreet Museum

Today we ventured out in the rain to visit the General Longstreet Museum while my parents are in town for the week. This was a charming little museum that was a great surprise once we explored the inside.

Building in the back is the museum and to the right is the gift shop

When we pulled into the drive we were all a bit worried about how small the museum building was and how long we had just driven in the rain for this adventure. We were all in for such a surprise when we met the caretaker of the museum. This kind gentleman unlocked the museum and told us to have fun exploring, if the items were out on tables then feel free to touch! What a wonderful instruction for this very hands on homeschooling family and boy did we have fun exploring the museum.

Battle map
Jacket that was out on the bed upstairs
Some of the few pieces that were in cases

After exploring the inside of the museum we headed over to the gift shop to check it out. I am so glad that we decided to stop in the gift shop and not make a run back to the truck in the rain. Once inside the shop we got to chatting with the caretaker and he shared wonderful surprises that were in the back office with us. Amazing things happen when you mention that your family recently moved here from Japan and that we are homeschoolers. (Fellow homeschoolers don’t let me down with the question asking and attentiveness.)

Replica uniform from the Union Scottish regiment
Soldier and son

After we had talked and seen lots of hidden surprises we thought that our trip was done and we were surprised yet again. We were taken into the tailor shop and shown how the replica uniforms are created from start to finish but creating the patterns and then using the different materials and accessories.

Caretaker showing us one of his button collections and explaining the different designs

While in the tailor shop we were given the rich history of the building and many more lessons on the different material types and what uniforms they would have been used for. Zeeva was invited back to take sewing lessons from this wonderful gentleman and we were told to make sure to come back and visit when it isn’t raining.

If you are ever in Russellville, TN please be sure to stop by the museum. http://www.longstreetmuseum.com/index.htm



Our family has finally made it to Tennessee after the craziest move in the history of moves. While the entire world shut down from the pandemic our family was caught in a limbo of moving or staying. This was of course something that the military never saw coming and had no way to prepare, everyone was scrambling for information and instructions. Since Chris was coming to Tennessee for recruiting we were initially told that our family would move on time. AWESOME!! While Japan was amazing and we love the people and country it was time for us to get back to the US after seven years of being overseas. Let the hoop jumping commence and scramble to get everything lined up and scheduled. We had to argue with the local personal property office about packing our stuff out since there was a massive shut down and no guidance, finally got that taken care of and our stuff packed up and shipped off. The afternoon of our final crate being sealed we received the email that our family was extended. AHHH!!! This began our adventure of living out of suitcases and on temporary furniture for three months. After all of this we found out the day we moved into the hotel that our tickets had not been booked and we would be extended another week, not our idea of fun to be stuck in a hotel for a week with the kids plus it was the week that the heat decided to show up. We finally made it on the plane and to Tennessee.

Tennessee has been wonderful for our family, this was a super quick transition since Chris had to get down to Florida for school. We stayed with family in west Tennessee for a few weeks and then made our way east to close on the house. We had done everything for the house online and the first time that we actually saw the house was during final walk through. This was exactly what we originally had said we didn’t want to do but with the market we needed to move fast. We closed on the house on a Tuesday and Chris left for Florida that following Sunday, talk about a fast transition. The kids and I have had a blast settling in to country living and exploring the local area.

We have already had family come to stay for the weekend and help paint some of the bedrooms. More family will be coming at the end of the month and I can’t begin to describe how amazing it feels to know that family and friends are just a road trip away. During all of the transition of settling into our home and figuring out life in this area we decided to adopt two dogs. While I had originally said we will not be getting a dog anytime soon and when we did it would only be one dog my main point was no hounds because i don’t want to listen to the howling. We are now the proud owners of two blue tick hound mixes!

I am going to attempt to keep a schedule for new blog uploads and have them happen once a week. Come back and follow along in our journey of homesteading and homeschooling!