Friendship is such an easy word and normally such an easy concept for kids. You take your kids to the local park and usually your younger child will come to you at some point and introduce their new “best” friend. If your kid is anything like mine then the name of the new best friend is usually forgotten or not known for long but while you are at the park these kids in inseparable.

Miranda has never really had this type of interaction with children her own age, this is not to say she doesn’t have friends but it is usually children that are younger or the kids that are older and simply allow her to join in with them. While I am always thankful to the older kids that allow her to join I am always praying that she is able to find a friend that is her own age.

This school year we are part of a new to us co-op for our homeschool year, this group is LARGE and I worry constantly about Miranda being overwhelmed and not enjoying herself or needing to walk away. We have had days that she has needed to miss the chapel portion of the day due to the chaos and noise but we haven’t missed many.

Lunch is always an adventure with finding a table to fit us and another family we consistently eat with, fitting seven people around a table is not the easiest thing. This second semester of the year Miranda has asked to eat with her friends every Friday. I have been secretly jumping for joy and crying happy tears since she has found her group finally. The group that she eats lunch with consists of about five other kids and they are great kids that include her and don’t make her feel less or different.

Mom I need to eat with my friends.

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